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French Onion Soup

24 July

There are a lot of French Onion Soup recipes out there, but I think that this very authentic version deserves a place on the list.

After making many of the existing recipes with success, I wrote down this recipe while watching Julia Child in a very old episode of "The French Chef"....

Delicious Stuffed Onions Recipe

23 May

"A fragrant big stuffed onion is a most edible object all by itself..." Julia Child's homage to the lowly onion from her 1993 classic The Way to Cook.

Julia Child was a consummate cook. Trained at Cordon Blu her heritage continues to instruct the art and style of great cuisine. Vegetarian cooks would do well to possess this book. We hope you will enjoy this delicious recipe and remember Flatland Ag have the best yellow onions for it! ...